At National Taiwan University

  • International Relations I & II (U)
  • Comparative Governments I & II (U)
  • Seminar on Election and Voting Behavior (G)
  • Seminar on Experimental Political Science (G)
  • Seminar on International Relations (G)
  • Seminar on International Political Economy (G)
  • Seminar on IPE and Epidemic Control and Prevention (U/G)
  • Seminar on Domestic Politics and International Relations (U/G)
  • Seminar on Cross-Strait Relations (G)
  • Seminar on Research and Thesis Writing (EMPA)*

 At National Cheng-chi University

  • Quantitative Research Methods (G)

At UC San Diego

  • International Law and Organization (U) 
  • Research Apprenticeship (U)